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Most trending contestant in Bigg Boss 13 is Sidhartha Sukla Creating a new History in Bigg Boss Ever

Bigg Boss13 is the most popular season in Bigg Boss, and get the highest TRP on TV. Where all credit goes to all contestants of this season. In this season all contestants are celebs and they are popular, but as we know when someone participates in Bigg Boss show than he/she gets more popular because we people are crazy fans of Bigg Boss. Though contestants are already popular after coming into Bigg Boss they get more popularity than before, because they show their real side in Bigg Boss and on such basis or for their real personality peoples are loving them.

Sidhartha Sukla

So, this season of Bigg Boss 13 breaks so many previous records as like these contestants have also broken some records and creates new history in  Bigg Boss.

Sidharth Sukla is the most controversial contestant in Bigg Boss 13, in the starting from this show this man always came into controversy and stay in limelights. He is the most logical person in Bigg Boss 13, he is very clear about his topic or opinion. Most of the time we notice that for his logical answer everyone liking him more.

Yes, Sidharth Sukla for his honesty and real personality he gets more popularity, and he creates a new record or history in Bigg Boss ever. Sidharth Sukla's highest trending contestant in Bigg Boss, he had 10 MILLION plus tweets with the hashtag!! and this made him the highest trending contestant in Bigg Boss ' history. Sidharth Sukla 3rd highest trend worldwide in the last one year.

As we saw Sidharth Sukla's personality clearly, he never changes it in this show and he is like a one-man army, we saw his patience level, his clear point of view, calmness, funny side this every quality make him popular and make him most trending contestant ever in Bigg Boss.

Sidharth Sukla's fans make it possible and make him popular, this is really big news for all Sidharth Sukla's fans. His fans breaking all the records one tweet at a time.

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