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Bigg Boss13 4th January 2020 Highlight: Mahira Sharma slaps on Paras Chapra

In Bigg Boss 13 inside the Bigg Boss house, we saw so many times that relationships made and destroy. At the present time, the strongest relationship is between Mahira Sharma and Paras Chapra. Their relationship got limelights Bigg Boss 13. But in today 's episode, we see Mahira Sharma slaps Paras Chapra. Maybe they solve this but now Paras Chapra getting angry about  Mahira Sharma's behavior.

Bigg Boss13 4th January 2020

Like we saw earlier that in this house there was a good friendship between Asim Riaz and Sidharth Sukla which is now becoming a big enemy for each other. Which is Salman Khan fails to solve? Nowadays we saw in every episode Asim Riaz and Sidharth Sukla getting fights with each other.

we will see today night when Mahira Sharma getting upset and started crying at that time Paras Chapra trying to calm down Mahia Sharma, and then slaps Paras Chapra. After that  Paras Chapra gets angry on Mahira Sharma and says that he always makes the distance from such types of who are beating upon boys. And also warn Mahira Sharma to be careful next time.

Upcoming 3rd Jan 2020 episode we will see there is made the distance between two closest friends Mahira  Sharma and Paras is really sad news for Mahira Sharma and Paras Chapra's fan.

In upcoming episodes 3rd January 2020 we see in the promo that Mahira Sharma arguing most of the housemates about her cooking. Specially Rashami Desai arguing with Mahira Sharma for cooking. Rashami Desai also says she will never eat foods Mahia Sharma 's hand.

Yes, we also see Vishal Aditya Singh also fights foods. When everyone talking opposite Mahira Sharma ..then Mahira getting upset and started crying .we saw some previous episode Mahira Sharma and Propolour actress  Rashami Desai arguing with each other for small things. we feel like they do not like others.

Today's episode going to fire on national TV. Just because of Mahira Sharma and Paras Chapra. And also for fights for fooding between all the housemates.