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Bigg Boss 13,20 January 2020:Once again Big fights between Asim and Sidharth

In Bigg Boss13, the most popular contestants are Aism Riaz and Sidharth Sukla, they are popular for their friendship and also for their big fights. As we see at the beginning of the show they share a good and strong bond between them, they get the limelight for their strong friendship. But in Bigg Boss house there is everything is possible, it is proved so times and Asim Riaz and Sidharth Sukla also proved that.

fights between Asim and Sidharth

After some periods Asim Riaz and Sidharth Sukla make some differences between them and they misunderstood each other. This misunderstanding creates fights between them so many times, they both cross their limits, for that Salman Khan told them so many things and Vivo caller of the week are also requests them to don't gets into fights.

Last few weeks they maintain their limits and distance, but in last weekend ka vaar episode's promo we see in this current week Asim Riaz and Sidharth Sukla once again gets into bog fights ever. Bigg Boss gives some tasks to contestants in this current week, during this task Asim is the SACHALAK and Asim Riaz cheated in the task. When Sidharth Sukla told that it is unfair Asim denying and behaving like normal for that reason Sidharth get angry and started fighting with Asim.

In this fight, Asim Riaz pushed Sidharth Sukla so many times. Asim and Sidharth pushed each other by chest to chest. Actually, Asim Riaz, every time provoked Sidharth Sukla, but Sidharth as possible Sidharth maintains his patience level but in some, he also cannot control himself self and he also pushed Asim Riaz.

Sidharth always stand for legal and correct topic or matter, this is the most logical person in the house, he always takes stand for fair decision and fair things. But today's episode we will see the Asim's unfairness of task, for which Sidharth will get angry on Asim and creates big fights between them.

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