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Bigg Boss 13 Week 16: Salman Khan's big statement on Shenaz Gill

Bigg Boss 13 Week 16: Salman Khan's big statement on Shenaz Gill: This Weekend ka Vaar in Bigg Boss house, there was happened so many things which are never before happened in Bigg Boss history. In first-weekend ka vaar we saw the joyride of some contestants with the Deepika Padukone. In Sunday episode Salman Khan take the classes of all contestants with funny way and quite normally as always.
Bigg Boss 13 Salman Khan big statement

But after some time Salman Khan talks about the famous word in Bigg  Boss13 ever is ''Jealous '', and also doing a talk about jealousy. Before we saw this heart black task between other contestants but it's happening between Mahira and Shenaz.Where every one fills the Shenaz heart by giving a reason. So, ultimately Shenaz was proved she is jealous.

For this reason, Shenaz getting upset and behaving like a psycho and also misbehaving with Salman Khan, after some moments Salman Khan also getting angry with Shenaz Gill and said her that stop behaving like a psycho and never show drama in front of him. Shenaz at a time continuously saying she wants to go outside the house, and Salman Khan also said that she should go from the house.

After that Shenaz leaving the room and go to the garden area, everyone trying to understand Shenaz but she continued her crazy behavior. Salman Khan his weekend ka vaar with other contestants and warned Sidharth Sukla to stay away from Shenaz Gill because she falls in love with Sukla.

And Salman Khan also said a big statement on Shenaz Gill's behavior, he said that Shenaz the type of children who very stubborn when they want something and not get after that harm themselves, these types of children are very dangerous. And advise Sukla to be careful and stay out of her.

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