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Bigg Boss 13 9th January 2020: Rashami Desai patched up with Sidharth Sukla Watch Video

In the latest episode Bigg Boss 13 we will see a big breaking change in the house. We saw so many times in this bigg boss house changing mind, the behavior of contestants for each other. Now we will once again see Rashami Desai's soft behavior with Sidharth Sukla.

Isn't it quite shocking news? Yes, it is true, Rashami Desai in this upcoming episode talking nicely with Sidharth Suklain front of all contestants and their guest who is comedian Paritosh. In the next episode, we will see the comedian Paritosh give a task to all contestants. Where Arti Singh also mimics her own self and Rashami Desai talking about Sidharth Sukla and give some compliments to him.

After a long time, Rashami Desai directly talks about Sidharth Sukla in front of all contestants which was really nice to see for all. But like us Sidharth Sukla also shocked her behavior, and he cutely reacts to her compliments.

Rashami and Sidharth's fans always want to see them in together but this isn't happening earlier this Bigg boss house, but we will just hopped that they'll solve their problems and misunderstandings and make friendship.

We just hoped that today's episode is the starting point to make their friendship once again. Actually, the public also wanted to see their good friend, because already saw their fights which were really not good to see.

We already saw in captaincy tasks where Bigg Boss gave the Sidharth Sukla's photo to Rashami Desai, where she can't go in around to destroy his photo but in later on she definitely destroy his photo in that time Sidharth gave cute reaction on that, which was really nice

Today 's episode is going to be entertaining ever,must-watch today's episode where two best comedians entered into the house and doing some task with the contestants.

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