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Bigg Boss 13 7th january 2020: Bigg Boss throw out Vishal from the house?

Bigg Boss 13 is the biggest controversial reality show in the TV industry. This Weekend ka vaar we saw Salman Khan got angry upon all the contestants and also doing some funny task with all the contestants.On Sunday night when Kangana Ranaut entered the house and doing a task which name is Panga Task.

Bigg Boss 13 7th january 2020

In the last Weekend ka Vaar episode in Panga task where Madhurima Tuli and Vishal Aditya Singh getting into a fight..though Vishal Aditya Singh Singh supported Madhurima Tuli in elimination, and take Shefali Bagga name for eliminations. The majority take Shefali Bagga's name for elimination and that is why Shefali Bagga was eliminated in Sunday weekend ka vaar. In this elimination round, only Shenaz Girl supported Shefali Bagga for saved in the house.

In the Sunday episode we saw in the promo that  Bigg Boss asks Vishal Aditya Singh and  Madhurima Tuli,'' are u both stay together in this house ?'' And Bigg Boss opens the main door and another side Vishal also throws his mike. Actually not sure yet is Vishal Aditya Singh really go out of the house . It is cleared in the next episode. We hope that it isn't really happened.

Actually, we noticed in previous episodes that Madhurima Tuli confused in their relationship for this she some times so nice with Vishal Aditya Singh and some time so crucial with him. But Vishal every time sonic with her and as far as possible he tries to understood her. But every time Mahurima Tuli shouting on him never try to understand.

Anyway in the next episode, we will see what is happening with them in this house, we hope that everything will be fine with them. This week also going to be air as usual. And another side  Sidnaz also doing some dhamaka moments. please watch Bigg Boss.

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