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Bigg Boss 13 22 January 2020: Who are the contender of Elite Club membership in this week?

In this week of the Bigg Boss house, Bigg Boss gave a task to all contestants for the contender of Elite Club membership. In this task, all contestants have participated. Asim Riaz is the Sanchalak of this task, because he already won Elite Club membership last week. The ex-contestant of Bigg Boss 11 Hina Khan decides the member of Elite Club, she gives some task to the contenders of Elite Club, and after completing the task by contenders, Hina khan decides the winner of the task and give to winner a jacket and declare his/her name for Elite Club member.

Bigg Boss 13 22 January 2020

Elite Club was opened in last week, we knew about this task when last week Ex contestant Hina Khan entered into the house and told about the Elite Club. Elite Club's concept is very new in Bigg Boss's history. Hina Khan last week explained about this club and its benefits.

 Elite Club is an opportunity for all contestants in Bigg Boss 13, because members of the Elite Club gets some privileges which are they can use according to their needs in Bigg Boss. The first member of the Elite Club was Asim Riaz.

In this week, the contenders of Elite Club is Arti Singh, Maira Sharma, and Rashami Desai, they are the winner of the task and became the contender for Elite Club membership. In the 21january2020 night episode, we will see the winner of the second member of Elite Club. This week, Hina Khan will once again enter into the house and the same as earlier given some task to contenders of Elite Club and after performing of all she will decide the second member of Elite Club in Bigg Boss 13.

We will see in the preview that Hina Khan and other contestants of the house demand some hard things from contenders of the Elite Club, if the contenders are fulfilled all demands then she will be the winner.

Now it's interesting to see that which demands and who is fulfilling the demands for Elite Club membership. Because all know that the importance of membership of the Elite Club.

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