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Bigg Bogg 13 Weekend Ka Vaar: Will Shefali Bagga eliminated on 5th January 2020?

Bigg Boss 13th 5th January 2020, Bigg Boss Promo Video, Bigg Bogg 13 Weekend Ka Vaar: Will Shefali Bagga eliminated on 5th January 2020? Bigg Boss 13 house we saw Rashami  Desai 's numerous boyfriend Arhan Khan was eliminated. But this weekend there so many possibilities to evicts double contestants. Because there are a few months to go finally of the Bigg Boss 13.

Bigg Bogg 13 Weekend Ka Vaar

In previous some weekend, there was no eviction. That is this very many possibilities for double eviction in the house. Shefali Bagga already once eliminated with  Devolina Bhattacharya and Rashami Desai. But they all came after someday but Shefali Bagga came into home probably after one month with wild card entry Madhurima Tuli and Arha Khan.

After re-entry of Shefali Bagga we saw she is quite silent she cannot come into focus as earlier. But try her best to come into the limelight. She came into focused when she irritated all the housemates in the early morning.

On that day everyone goes opposite Shefali Bagga only two-person stood for her and understand her emotion. Two-person was Bigg Boss entertainer Shenaz Gill and the mastermind Vikash Gupta. But in this house now Shefali Bagga has one friend cum supporter and she is Shenaz Gill.

Bigg Boss 13 day by day going to be blockbuster because of contestants' entertainment. This breaks all Bigg Boss season. This season 13 gets the highest TRP in Bigg boss history. And yes, for this reason, Shenaz Gill gets the number 1 entertainer of the house title.

For the first time Bigg Boss, the big reality show on TV extended up to 15 February 2020. In this season wild card entry contestants are also in their own way.

On 4th January 2020 weekend ka vaar Salman Khan gets angry upon all the contestants for their behavior. And said Rashami to get out of the house if she thinks Bigg Boss is biased. Once again Salman Khan gets angry upon housemates. We this LIVE episode 4th January 2020 nights in weekend ka vaar with Salman Khan.

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